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Eco Chic Retreat

Eco Chic Retreat Trailer

Eco Chic Retreat (ECR), Taos – based filmmaker Jody McNicholas and Vail-based massage therapist Karen Vardanega have ceated a unique and affordable way to unplug and reconnect with self. The program is chock-full of enough instruction for 3 full days of intention setting, yoga, meditation, qi gong, painting, cooking and reflective journaling.

Breath Of The Gods

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In BREATH OF THE GODS, director Jan Schmidt-Garre goes in search of the origins of Modern Yoga, which is practiced by tens of millions of people throughout the world, and originated in the early 20th century through the teachings of Indian savant T. Krishnamacharya.

The film features major names of Yoga including Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. Jan Schmidt-Garre investigates the transformation of Yoga from its introduction to Western culture in the 19th century, when the practice was met with skepticism, to its widespread acceptance gained through Krishnamacharya's teaching. While Yoga today is a billion-dollar industry with many devotees, this film presents the history of an ancient, sacred tradition with roots going back to the god Shiva.

For anybody curious about the roots of Modern Yoga as practiced today, this film provides an in-depth history, placing the practice of yoga in a spiritual context, the practice of which can lead to union with the cosmic Self.


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