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This is the only clip in the entire film that is safe for viewing at your office.

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Dirty DiariesDirty Diaries is a collection of twelve short pornographic films created by a group of feminist filmmakers in Sweden. The series of shorts is intended as a response to traditional pornography, with each film offering the respective filmmaker's own interpretation of the concept of feminist porn. Some of the more unique and innovative shorts in the collection include Skin, which features a man and a woman clad in full-body nylon stockings intimately caressing each other; Dildoman, an animated short that is a strange blend of fantasy and dark comedy; On Your Back Woman!, a series of clips of nude and semi-nude women wrestling each other; and Flasher Girl On Tour, a film that documents a woman who travels to Paris, where she proceeds to indulge in her fetish for exposing herself in public. Varying greatly in both content and style, all twelve films explore and celebrate, rather than exploit, female sexuality.