Of Men and War Coming to Theaters


After hearing a rare recording of Korean Shaman Kim Seok-Chul’s music, Australian drummer Simon Barker knew right away that he was listening to one of the world’s greatest improvisers. So unique, in fact, is the artistry of the Shaman that the Korean Government bestowed upon him the honorary title “Intangible Asset Number 82,” recognizing him as the pre-eminent practitioner, Grand Master and protector of his art form. Intrigued, Barker commits to find and learn from the enigmatic master. Yet Kim Seok-Chul proves elusive, despite the fame accompanying his official honor as being South Korea’s 82nd Intangible Asset.

Imbued with a sense of destiny, the journey becomes a rite of passage as Barker experiences life-changing encounters with the engaging and exotic characters who eventually lead him to the Shaman. Intangible Asset Number 82 is a true testimony to the universal language of music and its transformative power.

"It blew my mind away. quite fabulous, moving and unexpected." - Paul LePetit, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

"This is documentary making at its finest. well worth seeking out. 4 ½ stars" - John Lampard DISASSOCIATED.COM

"A profound and moving film." - Yo-Yo Ma

"Totally inspiring. It blew my mind." - Bill Frisell

"Intangible Asset #82 is one of the best music documentaries I've seen: Beautifully shot and recorded, but more importantly, a compelling and insightful narrative that explores music-making across cultures that captures the warmth of a buddy/road film which builds to an emotionally affecting climax." - Bill Bragin, Lincoln Center

Intangible Asset Number 82 is a classic that will be here after we are all long gone.” - David Amram

Runtime: 90 minutes