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Eastern Mystics (4-DVD Set)

Director: Eric Temple
Year: 2010

In this groundbreaking documentary, well-known mystics from the Buddhist, Hindu, Advaita, and Taoist traditions discuss their own awakening experiences, the nature of mysticism, religious tolerance, love and compassion, spiritual practices, the many paths to truth, and world peace. Their comments and personal messages to the world weave together a tapestry of wisdom, compassion and promise.

$49.98 $37.49 (25% off)

With One Voice

Director: Eric Temple
Year: 2009

With One Voice illuminates the unity of humanity through the single message and mystical tradition that binds all faiths together. The film features mystics from many great traditions around the world who discuss spiritual awakening, world peace and love.

$26.98 $19.99 (26% off)

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