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This past weekend, The Wanted 18 took home the top prize at The Traverse City Film FEstival. In introducing the film before the screening, Festival Founder Michael Moore highlighted the unique and often humorous style of the documentary, saying... "This is one of my favorite films that I've seen this year."

Producer Ina Fichman had this to say about the experience, "It was wonderful screening our film here in Traverse City for such appreciative and engaged audiences. Winning the Best Doc Award was the icing on the cake!"

Wanted 18 filmmakers at Traverse City Film Festival

To learn more check out the film's website!



Steak (R)evolution



In his documentary Steak Revolution Franck Ribière goes in search of the world’s best steak. But this informative foodie film is more than just footage of assorted chefs cooking delicious-looking cuts of meat. The tour encompasses breeders, butchers, grazing practices and genetics. Mr. Ribière uses a Top 10 countdown structure familiar from other searching-for-the-best documentaries, but the rankings are beside the point. This film is all about the meat and the animals it comes from.

The search takes Mr. Ribière to Japan, Italy, South America, Britain, Brooklyn (where the Peter Luger Steak House makes his list) and more. We meet assorted breeds, each with advocates among chefs.

The film has a farm-to-table sensibility, proclaiming the culinary superiority of beef that isn’t raised agribusiness-style and shipped halfway around the world. But within that mind-set is a range of philosophies about what to feed the animals, when to slaughter them, how to age the meat, how to cook it. Selecting the animals can go beyond breed to — yes — personality.

“We look for docile animals with a noble character,” says José Gordon, a breeder and chef in Spain. “This kind of character facilitates a specific marbling.”

Backyard barbecuers may never eat at any of the restaurants seen here, but they’ll come away enlightened about things like what “Angus” really means on their grocery-store cut and whether, when it comes to steaks, bigger is really better.

Web Junkie is coming to POV as part of their summer broadcast line-up! 

Tune in this coming Monday, July 13, 2015 at 10:00 PM. Or, if you can't watch it then, it will be streaming online from Tuesday, July 14 - August 13, 2015!


Amer Shomali, Co-Director of The Wanted 18, and Julia Bacha (Impact Producer) stopped by the studio earlier today to talk with Ayman Mohyeldin about the film. Check it out and go see the film if you can :)

Click on this link to see where it's currently playing!

"Imaginatively interspersing testimonials with reenactments, comic panels and Claymation, the film plays out like an entertaining absurdist satire" - The LA Times

"'The Wanted 18' follows a worthy tradition of highlighting absurdities that arise during [the] conflict" - The New York Times

"[A] humane and moving picture" -

"It's an amazing tale that's inventively well told, and speaks to ongoing issues that range well beyond the plight of its titular bovines. Moooove over Michael Moore!" - Women's E News 

The Wanted 18 is playing this week at Cinema Village in Manhattan and the Laemmle Noho 7 in Los Angeles...Don't miss it!

Laemmle Theaters


"A documentary you cannot afford to miss" - Criterion

"Nothing is more important" - Ecocentric

Yep, that's right everyone! The "documentary you cannot afford to miss" is opening tonight (5/22/15) at the wonderful Cinema Village in Manhattan! Buy your tickets here

Cinema Village

"The a great success story about adaptation; decisions we can make now that may influence the fortunes of future generations." The Guardian

"Truly exceptional. It's about an issue less prominent in the public dialogue but of universal's just riveting filmmaking, a story swiftly and beautifully told." - Margaret Mead Film Festival

Seeds of Time

Seeds of Time



Goodbye Gauley Mountain

Goodbye Gauley Mountain



The Wanted 18

The Wanted 18

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